Just your destinations.
All on one map.

  • Just your destinations—your hotel, your restaurants, your activities, your shops
  • See everything on one map
  • Get directions: drive, public transit, or walk
  • Easily add recommendations from friends, magazines, and books
  • Keep notes about each place: confirmation numbers, recommendations, what you loved, how much you spent, …
  • Share destinations with friends via email

Business Travelers

  • Map all your clients by city (for as many cities as you would like)
  • Keep a list of recommended or favorite restaurants, and see which is closest to your clients' offices
  • Show your current location on the map, and easily get directions to any of your clients, selected restaurants or other places on your map
  • Keep notes about clients and places you have visited
  • Mark places as favorites
  • Send your recommendations and notes to colleagues and friends

Leisure Travelers

  • Keep track of restaurant recommendations that you get from friends, guidebooks, websites and magazines
  • Map your hotel so that you can always find your way back
  • See all your places on one map
  • Show your current location on the map, and easily get directions to the closest restaurant, attraction or back to your hotel
  • Keep a list of favorites so you don’t miss a thing
  • Mark places as visited
  • Keep your list of places for your next trip or easily share your places with friends
  • Send information about your favorite places to friends along with your personal notes


From the Los Angeles Times:

This app was just what I needed, as family members and friends were emailing me suggestions for our upcoming family reunion in Oahu, Hawaii.

From Mashable:

Have a lot of places to hit and need to maximize time? Use TripDoc to organize your stops onto one map. You’ll quickly see the best routes for getting around, so you'll know if public transit will get you where you need to go and if you can save that cab fare.

From Seattle’s King5:

Thanks to TripDoc, you insert places you want to visit on your trip and share notes with family and friends.

From The Culture Mom blog:

It's very useful and I can tell I'll be using this to catalog all the information I need for future trips.

From The Brooklyn Nomad:

Very handy for people constantly on the go and business travelers.

From Amateur Traveler:

When someone tells you about that great Burmese restaurant ... you can immediately whip out your iPhone and add it to your list of places to visit in that city.

5 star review From David-DS (iTunes Customer Review)

Perfect business app for the "travelling salesman". Great app when on the go. I use it to remember my business partners, those perfect meeting places, and sites to visit. Great integration with contacts and google maps for directions.

5 star review From carrera.owner (iTunes Customer Review)

I think you've got a great little app. From my perspective, TripDoc helps realize the potential of smart phones.

5 star review From minnemom (iTunes Customer Review)

Most useful travel app I've seen.